A few more press hits for INSTRUMENTAL!

I've been so happy with the press INSTRUMENTAL received--in the last few weeks it's gotten a few more cool hits that I'd love to share with you.


"As an artist, Chisholm’s style adheres to a decidedly modern look and feel, calling to mind the overall aesthetic look and feeling of Charles Burns’ disconcerting Black Hole while still maintaining a strongly individualistic look and feel perfectly complemented by the accompanying music. Taken as a whole, Instrumental and the world it inhabits is well worth an extended visit. Chisholm’s numerous creative panel structures and use of multi-genre storytelling making for a highly enjoyable reading experience. 8/10 stars"


"Reflective of jazz itself, Chisholm’s panels of art and text move with feeling and tempo, in places unafraid to riff. The depiction of Tom’s gradual wasting away is particularly well illustrated, as are some “face melting” music sessions."


"What is apparent mostly from Instrumental is that this book and album seem to be a labor of love. What is so wonderful to see is this person, Dave Chisholm, who is in- between two worlds- comics and music- make a project that encompasses both. It is incredibly rewarding and awe-inspiring to see these worlds be meshed and compliment one another. Instrumental is a phenomenal work from a powerhouse of a talent who deserves all of the credit in not just one medium, but two."

Talk to you soon, friends!