"Instrumental" in PREVIEWS

Go tell your local comic shop to order a few copies of "Instrumental" today--orders for May books are made in March.


This is so exciting--it's a total dream of mine to see my crazy book listed in PREVIEWS! 

Also, Multiversity wrote a little blurb recommending "Instrumental" in their "best of the rest" column:


"Dave Chisholm, musician and cartoonist, offers up the latest spin on the Faustian tale in graphic novel form, centered around this trumpet player whose music is literally slaying. Chisholm draws in a stark black-and-white and honestly, his way of depicting music is pretty dope. One of the coolest things about this book is that every copy comes with a download code for a jazz soundtrack composed by Chisholm."

Thanks, dudes!

More news on the way!